A lab focus on scientific research on Buddhism.

In the past decade, there has been a tremendous upsurge of interdisciplinary research between Buddhism, psychology, neuroscience, and medicine over the world. Through these academic endeavors, such as clinical studies on mindfulness, studies of neuroscience of meditation, and Buddhism related social science research, modern science has recognized the credibility of Buddhist teachings and practices. As both science and Buddhism share a common interest to investigate the qualities of the mind and improve wellbeing, the academic trend is moving towards the application of Buddhism into the betterment of human life. Following this strong momentum, the Centre of Buddhist Studies has actively contributed to the development and refinement of rigorous and innovative scientific research in Buddhism.


 To place Centre of Buddhist Studies at the forefront of cutting edge scientific research in Buddhism, the Buddhism and Science Research Lab aims:

  • To facilitate the intellectual dialogue between Buddhism and science.
  • To enhance scientific understanding of Buddhist knowledge and practices.
  • To innovate, validate, and apply Buddhist¬†interventions to improve psychological wellbeing.
  • To continue the scientific validation and application of Buddhism for the betterment of human life.