Mental State and deep meditation

A major research focus of our team is to investigate the practice of meditation with neuroscientific techniques and methods. The cultivation of concentration (Jhāna) through meditation is a fundamental and essential practice on the path to enlightenment. However, little is known about the changes to brain activities during different stages of Jhāna from a scientific perspective. Thus, the neuroscientific evidences to describe, measure, and categorize the brain activities during different stages of meditation and concentration can be highly valuable. Our works on neuroscientific measurement on Jhāna include:

  • Collected the EEG data repeatedly from a cultivated monk who could sequentially enter 1st to 8th Jhana
  • Collected data from twenty participants as controls.
  • Completed data analysis using different methods including spectrum analysis, connectivity analysis, and other techniques.

Given the value and rarity of the design and data, we will disseminate our findings after more thorough analyses.